A visit to Universal Orlando, December 2017 - A Photo Report

Hello everyone,

At Christmastime a couple of months back we went over to Universal Orlando to check out their festivities. Since it was two months and a half ago now, I won't say too much except a few comments here and there in between photos, but I wanted to share some photos with you all nonetheless.

Let's start with the parade.

We were able to see the special holiday parade at Universal Studios, and meet a bunch of characters in their festive costumes. The parade this past season was a huge improvement on the previous version, and we really enjoyed it a lot.

After the parade, and a short break, many of the characters come out to greet guests. This gave us the opportunity to meet a few new characters that we hadn't seen before, as well as get some new holiday costumes for ones we had.

Over at Islands of Adventure, we watched the Hogwarts Castle illuminations, which was really neat.

Finally, some random shots from around the parks.

We were back at Universal last month (February), and so in a few days time I'll make a post about that visit, too - so stay tuned for that!

Have a great day everyone,