Disney Treasures Box Review - Snowflake Mountain

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to take a look at the Snowflake Mountain themed Disney Treasures box from Funko.

The outside of the box:

The pin and the patch under the first flap:

The contents of the box under the second flap:

Bambi Pop! Vinyl:

The "About this box" sheet:


Olaf cookie cutter:

Mickey and Minnie drink canteen:

Belle mini Pop:

The Nightmare Before Christmas sock:

Over all I would give this box five out of five. I was skeptical of this box being called "Snowflake Mountain", and fully expected it to be Frozen themed, but Funko surprised me and we have a really "cool" (pun intended) which features a real good range of characters. We have A Christmas Carol Scrooge on the patch; Olaf on the pin and cookie cutter (the token Frozen throw-ins, I suppose); Christmas Belle; Bambi from the ice skating scene; Nightmare socks; and ice skating Mickey and Minnie on the canteen. I like the thought and effort put into this one a lot. The Scrooge patch especially surprised me, and is actually probably my favourite thing from this box! (I never usually compliment the patches, which shows how much it took me off guard!)

Look out for my next Funko box review coming in the next few days!

Have a great day everyone,