Australia March-April 2016 Trip Report, Part 4 - Wallaby Ridge Retreat

Hello everyone,

In the previous part of this report I shared with you our road trip adventure from Sydney, up the east coast towards Queensland. In this part I am going to tell you about our accomodation while staying on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Since we had rented a car for the trip, we were able to stay a little further out of the hustle and bustle of the cities, and away from the tourist areas and expensive hotels. I had booked for us a local place in the mountains, called Wallaby Ridge Retreat. While it looked beautiful in the photos, I really had no idea what to expect. Everything so far on this trip had really surprised us and I was optimistically cautious that this next destination would be just as spectacular. We were not disappointed at all.

Set on the beautiful Tamborine Mountain, about an hour from Gold Coast, Wallaby Ridge Retreat was probably the closest to my own perfect paradise that I could have ever imagined. With spectacular views over the valley, surrounded by forest and vineyards, Wallaby Ridge Retreat is my most favourite place I have ever stayed.

The accomodation itself is run by Robyn and John, who share their home with their guests. The rooms are private and self contained, but within a main building that also houses Robyn and John's private residence. There is a terrace, a community living room, outdoor barbecue area, pool, spa, gardens and vineyard, with plenty of parking and all the amenities you need.

Robyn and John are incredibly nice, and will go out of their way to help you with any help and advice you may need with your trip.

Robyn provides fresh food and juice (including home made jams and bread) for you to be able to make breakfast every morning, which I recommend doing as the view on the terrace as the sun was rising, while eating breakfast, was absolutely beautiful.

It would not be called Wallaby Ridge Retreat though, without the obvious factor - wallabies. Wallabies are wild all over this region of Australia, and while you can often see them bouncing along while driving, you don't often get much opportunity to see them up close and personal. The wallabies here however, are spoiled and used to Robyn feeding them frequently, and while they are still wild, they are very tame and will even let you touch them, if you approach them gently while they are eating the feed Robyn puts down for them. Feeding the wallabies here is one of my most cherished memories.

If you are considering a get-away-from-it-all stay and are in this region of Australia, I would certainly tell you to look up Wallaby Ridge Retreat. I cannot fault it, and would return right now if I could.

In the next part of this report I will share our adventures along the Gold Coast, including Sea World.

Have a great day everyone,