Dinner with the TMNT, May 2016 - A Report

Hello everyone,

While we were in Walt Disney World last month we had booked to have dinner with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the last time at the Nick Hotel. We had attended this meal when it very first opened in September 2012, and now, nearly four years later, we attended in its final week. The reason for it ending is in fact because the Nick Hotel has now closed, and has become a Holiday Inn. Four years ago we stayed at the Nick Hotel, and it seemed to be a popular place. We found it a lot of fun and enjoyed our time there. Four years later, sadly Nickelodeon decided to call it a day, and Holiday Inn bought it out.

Last month when we visited, the hotel seemed a shadow of its former self. I don't know whether they had given up because they knew they were going to close, or they were closing because they had given up. Either way, it was really sad to see the hotel in such a condition. With that said, we wanted to meet the TMNT here one last time before they departed back to NYC to fight crime.

The restaurant itself was practically empty, and we got a fair amount of time with each character. The staff really seemed to be enjoying themselves though, and giving it their all for their final few days.

The food at the restaurant was a buffet, and consisted mainly of pizza (what do you expect at a TMNT meal?), salad and desserts. I didn't take any photos, but the food was pretty good over all.

I noticed this picture of Leonardo on the wall behind our table:

When we had checked in to the restaurant they asked if we were celebrating anything. I mentioned that it had been my birthday a few days before, not really expecting them to do anything. However, part way through our meal, I was brought a cupcake with candles on it! I really appreciate them doing that. As a pair of adults with no kids, at a restaurant that, while I don't like to admit it, is primarily aimed at those ten and under, it was really nice to get some sort of acknowledgement and "fair" treatment. If a kid has a birthday, they get a cake, so why not the grown ups too? It really made me smile, and I appreciate the thought a lot.

Of course, there are only four TMNT, and we obviously took photos of them all.





It was a fun experience, and one I am glad that we got to experience twice. It was a strange feeling, having almost come full circle with them - we were there their opening week, and then again on their closing week. I am hoping that with the license that Universal holds to have Nickelodeon characters at Universal Orlando, and with the departure of the TMNT from this hotel, that Universal might add them to the line-up there.

Have a great day everyone,