"Marvel Collector Corps - Ant-Man Box" Review

Hello everyone,

Earlier in the week I reviewed the TMNT Box that I received, which is a subscription service. Well, similarly we also subscribe to Marvel Collector Corps, which, to put simply, is the Marvel version of the same thing. Today we received our next Marvel box, and the theme is Ant-Man. This is our second Marvel Collector Corps box; our first box was themed around The Avengers (I don't have a review of that, I'm afraid).

Marvel Collector Corps costs US$25 every other month, which means you receive six boxes per year, giving a total cost of $150 (plus shipping and any applicable taxes). The Corps is run by Funko, the company that produces all the awesome Pop Vinyl figures, and claims to give a $50 value in each box.

So, let's see what's inside! I'll take you step-by-sep through the opening of the box, and I'll discuss each item I find inside.

I like how the outside of the boxes are themed to whatever is inside. As I said above, this month it is Ant-Man.

On the inner card lie the iron-on patch and the pin. These are standard items that you get each month (with a different theme, of course). These are nice items. I have no problem with these at all. I don't really have use for the patch, but it's not bad, and we do collect pins, so that's a good item for us.

Under the inlay card we come to the main selection. Immediately I see a Pop Vinyl bobble head figure, two blind box figures and what looks like a t-shirt underneath.

I pulled out the t-shirt and opened it up. I have to say, this month it's a little underwhelming. It's a cute idea, with the small Ant-Man on the front and the text, "Actual size", but it could have had a more exciting design, I think. Not bad, but not amazing. An average inclusion.

Looking at the blind box Mystery Mini bobble head figures, I see that there is the possibility of getting four different ones.

Amazingly we got the two that I would have wanted the most! We got Ant-Man in his full costume, and then without his helmet. I wasn't really fussed about the yellow suit (villain) one, so I'm glad we got the main character in two different formats.

Underneath the t-shirt is a variant cover copy of issue #5 of the ongoing Ant-Man comic. This cover is exclusive to the Marvel Collector Corps, so that's neat. Although if you aren't too fussed about the variant covers and already read this series, it's a bit of a waste, but overall, not bad.

Finally, the Pop Vinyl figure is really cool. There is the regular sized figure, which is a bobble head, and then a really small one, which apparently is the smallest bobble head figure Funko have made! These set is also exclusive to the Marvel Collector Corps, so again, that's nice.

I give this box five out of five. The value ($25 plus shipping and taxes), and the fact that nearly all the items are subscription exclusives, make this a really good deal. Character t-shirts can easily be $25 alone, then you have really good items like the pin, the Pop Vinyl and the Mystery Minis, all of which can easily be $10 each in stores.

The next Marvel Collector Corps box is themed to Secret Wars, which sounds like it could be really cool!

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