Radio Disney Music Awards 2017 Fan Kit Review

Hello everyone,

In celebration of the upcoming Radio Disney Music Awards 2017, gift box website "Fanjoy" were selling a special box online with specially themed items in it. Since the box was expected to contain an exclusive Tsum Tsum and Vinylmation (both are things we collect), we purchased the box.

In my usual fashion, I'll share with you the contents of the box, then give my thoughts at the end.

Let's start with the outside of the box:

Under the lid this is the first view of the contents:

Now let's look at each item up close.

The t-shirt, front and back:

DJ Mickey Tsum Tsum:

Draw-string bag:

A just-for-fun awards vote card:

Light-up bracelet:


For what it is, it's actually a fun box. The Vinylmation and Tsum Tsum are actually pretty cute, and the draw-string bag is cheerful at least. The t-shirt isn't the most exciting design, but it's ok. The bracelet is the most redundant item for me, but I am sure I can find someone to give it to!

Have a great day everyone,