A Boston Tea Party, May 2017

Hello everyone,

Last month Jon and I visited Boston, Massachusetts, and while we were there I just had to have a Boston Tea Party on the river! Being originally from the UK, and being the tea lover that I am, I simply couldn't resist the opportunity!

Located on a bridge over Fort Point Channel on the Boston Harbor, you will find the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. The attraction consists of two ships that can be toured, a gift shop, and Abigail's Tea Room.

Our time in Boston was very limited, and I felt that while the ships were cool to look at, there isn't much more I personally could have gotten out of the experience by simply looking at them from the pier, than if I had done the tour. You can see all the various parts of the ships from the pier, and there are staff members walking around who were more than willing to answer any questions. The part that I wanted to do was actually the tea room. I have this thing (maybe it's being British, who knows!) for afternoon tea, so it seemed perfect and fitting for me to have my own very British Boston Tea Party at the very location it happened!

Before we delve further into the tea room itself, let's take a look around the outside of the attraction, and inside the gift shop.

The tea room itself was very airy, clean and welcoming. There was a lot of variety available, including more traditional options and modern choices. To get the complete experience, I went for the (undoubtedly only true tea) English breakfast tea in a pot, with scones, as did Jon.

The hosts inside were very friendly and informative, and while we sat in the window overlooking one of the ships, one of the very knowledgable ladies told us all about the Boston Tea Party, and the history of the attraction and tea room. See, who needed to pay to go aboard the ship?! On some of the tables there were some period-contemporary games which could be played, which was a nice touch.

There isn't too much more I can say about it, but needless to say, we had a very enjoyable afternoon tea, and I would definitely recommend that you give it a try if you're ever in Boston.

Have a great day everyone,