Disney Treasures Box Review - Haunted Forest

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to take a look at the latest Disney Treasures box from Funko, which this month is themed to a "Haunted Forest".

The outside of the box:

The pin and the patch under the first flap:

The contents of the box under the second flap:

Maleficent dragon Pop Vinyl:

Cruella de Vil Dorbz figure:

Haunted Forest sticker:

Information sheet about this box:

Zero shopping bag:

Haunted Mansion Hat Box Ghost vinyl:

Over all I would give this box four out of five. My rating does not reflect the accuracy of the name of the box versus the actual contents. In fact, this box is so vague it could have been called the "Anything we deem vaguely Halloween themed" box. Maleficent, the Magic Mirror, Jafar, nor Cruella de Vil have anything at all to do with hauntings or forests. I suppose at a stretch you could say that Snow White lived in a forest, hence the Magic Mirror, but that's stretching it thin, I think. Zero, well, at least he's a ghost, so that covers the haunted part. The same goes for the Hat Box Ghost - at least he's a ghost. Other than the two ghost related items, nothing in here is actually anything to do with a haunted forest. The Hat Box Ghost and Maleficent are pretty neat, though.

Have a great day everyone,