TMNT Box Review

Hello everyone,

This month's TMNT Box was delayed by about a week, but yesterday it finally arrived, and so here is my review!

Let's take a look at what I saw when I first opened it up.

In this month's box is: a keychain Pop Vinyl, a Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure, an eye mask, a t-shirt and a wallet.

Now for the close ups of each item.

This was the fist time we had received a Pop Vinyl keychain in these boxes, so that was a refreshing change. I don't actually own any of these (by some miracle), so this was a good item for me.

As I have said in my previous reviews, I have all of the Mystery Minis, so this will just be sold on. Nonetheless, value wise, it's not a bad item to get.

As with some of the previous TMNT boxes, there was yet another eye mask, which is pretty much a throwaway item.

The wallet was a first for these boxes. We haven't previously received anything remotely like this before, and so it made a nice change. I like that it's a pizza box that you can open, and it reveals the pizza inside! While it is a good item to get, I have one personal reservation about it, and that is that I think it is made from leather. Being a vegetarian, I don't support the leather industry. However, the TMNT Box people weren't to know this, and the deed is done. I can't return it, it's paid for now, so I shall keep it rather than waste it.

The t-shirt is a nice one, and a design I haven't seen before, which is good since I already have so many!

I would give this box four out of five, which I believe is the highest score I've given any TMNT Box so far. The wallet and the Pop keychain were different and piqued my interest again in what had - after so few boxes - already become an ailing collector box series.