Marvel Collector Corps - Villains Box Review

Hello everyone,

Yesterday we received the latest Marvel Collector Corps box, which this month is themed around villains.

Let's open it up and take a look at everything we got.

The outside of the box:

Under the first flap we come to the patch and the pin. The patch features Red Skull, and the pin features Green Goblin. I don't really like Red Skull, but Green Goblin is pretty cool.

Under that flap we come to the main contents. The first thing I see is the t-shirt.

I really like this month's t-shirt. I like the concept drawing design of the shirt, and it has some good characters on it too.

The comic this month is a Collector Corps exclusive cover of Invincible Iron Man.

There is a Dorbz Loki in the box this month, which both Jon and I thought was really neat. We both like Loki and the Dorbz Loki looks pretty funny. A fun item to get.

I have to say, this month's Zombie Morbius Pop Vinyl is probably one of the worst Pop Vinyls I have ever seen. It's absolutely hideous and I don't care for it at all. I suppose they like to cover all bases with the characters and provide some variety, which is fine, but personally, I hate this one.

There is also a small bobblehead keychain Pop of Venom. There isn't a lot I can say about it - it's pretty small, but it's ok.

Overall I would give this box four and a half out of five. If memory serves me correctly, I have consistently given these boxes five out of five so far, but for me, the Pop Vinyl is not nice at all this month. While that is a personal preference rather than anything actually wrong with the contents, it does affect the score I chose to give it.