TMNT Box Review

Hello everyone,

Earlier this month I received my next TMNT Box, but have only now had chance to review it. So let's take a look at what is inside! This review will be really short this month as we have been super busy.

The outside of the box:

The first things I see when I open the box are these:

I like the Dorbz, and think they are a good thing to get inside the box - even if I do have most of them already (the box people don't know this, so it's not their fault, and they are a good item to get).

We continue to receive these vinyl figures (below), though, which I feel has run its course now. Time for a new item, I think!

The cup is a a little cheap, but it's something different.

The lanyard is nice, but doesn't really serve much purpose - but it's not bad.

I would give this box four out of five. Overall I would say that the quality and contents of the box has improved with time, with the contents of this box being probably about the best value so far. I am still on the fence about it though, and may not continue to subscribe in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone!