TMNT Box Review

Hello everyone,

This week I received my next TMNT Box, which I believe was actually the box for December, and the one I reviewed in December was in fact November's, but it arrived really late!

So, let's take a look at what is inside this one.

The outside of the box:

Here is what I saw when I opened the box:

Let's now take a look at each item.

I say this every month, but there was once again a TMNT Mystery Mini vinyl. They really need to start sending something different!

Last month we received two Dorbz (Donatello and Bebop) - this month we have just one - Rocksteady.

Yet again we see this lanyard - yup, it's the same as last month's one!

The LED watch is interesting, and probably useful to someone, so it's not a bad item to get, I just won't personally be wearing it.

There were two t-shirts this month. One was a classic design, and the other was, at least according to the label, from the Fast Forward series which aired back in 2006, although, unless you're a hard core fan and know the animation style, you'd never really know since it looks pretty generic. However, it was nice to get two t-shirts, especially since last month there wasn't a shirt in the box.

Overall I would give this box 4 out of 5. Having two t-shirts made for good value, and the vinyls are always good value (even if you already have them like I do). The lanyard was pretty redundant though, and I'm not sure how many people will actually wear that watch!

Have a great week everyone!