LEGO Ideas Review - The Big Bang Theory

Hello everyone,

In this third part of my continuing series on the LEGO Ideas range, I am going to look at the Big Bang Theory set.

The Big Bang Theory was released last year (summer 2015) after successfully making it through the rigorous LEGO Ideas approval stages.

The set contains 484 pieces, including seven minifigures. The set number is 21302, it retails at $59.99 (US) and can be purchased on, here.

To begin, let's take a look at the front and back of the box.

The contents of the box before construction begins:

The instruction book has information about the design of the set and the characters.

The set was divided into numbered bags for ease of construction. This is where I was at after completing bag one:

This is the completed set after bag two:

Let's take a look around at some of the details inside now, before I give my thoughts on it.

I have to say, I am quite impressed with the level of detail in this set when you compare it to the real living room from the show. The telescope, the food on the table, the weird statue by the door, the pictures on the wall, and lots of other small details really show that they designers thought about what they were doing and know the show well. I also like that it contains seven minifigures. For a $60 set, that's really good, as it's often the minifigures that bump up the value of LEGO - especially the licensed sets.

Let's take a look at the minifigures up close now. You'll notice that each figure has two facial expressions.

I realise it's hard to make a minifigure look like a real person, but I am not entirely convinced that they really got the look of some of them, with Sheldon being the most accurate one, I think. However, like I said above, it's nice to have seven of them in one set.

Overall, I would give this set five out of five. I can't really fault it on design, and as I've said multiple times, the minifigure count is good, so it would be harsh of me to give it any less of a score.

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Have a great week everyone,