TMNT Box Review

Hello everyone,

This week I received the latest TMNT Box, so of course it's time for me to take a look inside and review it!

The outside of the box:

This is what I saw when I opened the box:

Let's take a look at each item inside now.

The Raphael Dorbz is not a bad item to get, and honestly, I am relieved that they finally stopped sending those mini Mystery Vinyls!

The Michelangelo keychain Pop Vinyl is cute, and is something I don't have, so for me, not a bad thing to get.

The Pez dispenser is pretty lame, and a real cheap thing to send. Not to mention this isn't the first time we've had one of these in the boxes!

The t-shirt is one I don't have, and I was actually impressed to see Casey Jones on it, so that was a good inclusion.

Overall I would give this box three out of five. There were only four items this month, and the Pez dispenser is really quite bad.

Have a great week everyone,