Hallmark's Itty Bitty Collection - A Review

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share with you my love for a collectable plush series called Itty Bitties, from Hallmark.

An Itty Bitty is a small push that has a particular shape and style to it. The body is usually cylindrical and the head a little enlarged.

Over the past couple of years Hallmark have produced a wide range of Itty Bitty plushes, with many of them being limited edition.

Amongst the newest ones to come out are these Rainbow Brite Itty Bitties:

One of our favourite collections is the Star Wars series. They have even done Christmas Star Wars ones, which you can see mixed in with the regular ones, in the photo below.

One of Hallmark's biggest lines in the Itty Bitty range derives from Disney. There have been Mickey and friends, Disney Princesses, classic characters, PIXAR and many more. There have also been holiday variations, such as Christmas Mickey and Minnie, and Easter Winnie the Pooh and friends. I have also included the few Marvel ones we own, in the photo below, as they are of course owned by Disney now, too.

Star Trek is one of my most favourite series of all time, and I was really surprised - and pleased - when earlier this year Hallmark released a special classic Star Trek set for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the series.

While I am by no means religious, I did find this special Nativity set to be really cute last year, so I bought it to add to our Itty bitty collection.

As well as the small Itty Bitties, there are Itty Bitty "Biggies", which are the same thing, but larger in size. We only own one of these currently - Olaf, from Disney's Frozen.

Here is a size comparison with a regular Itty Bitty Olaf. As you can see, the Biggies are quite a lot larger!

One of my favourite series of all time, and some of my favourite characters, are Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc gang. So far Hallmark have released two series - the main five cast, and Scooby and Shaggy in Halloween costumes.

The Wizard of Oz series was really popular and we tried to get as many as we could at the time, but sadly we only managed to get the three shown below. There are some new ones coming out later this year though, including a new Dorothy and a new Glinda, so hopefully we will be able to get them this time.

We aren't huge fans of DC Comics, but on our recent trip to Australia we met Cat Woman and Harley Quinn at Warner Bros Movie World, so we decided that we should get these for our collection:

As with DC Comics, we aren't huge fans of Dr Seuss' work (although I do like the over all messages of his stories), but we met Thing 1 and Thing 2 last year at Universal Orlando, and thought these two were cute, so we got these too:

Finally, Jon really likes the American stop-motion classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. In the photo below you'll see those, plus a couple of other random Hallmark characters that have been released for various holidays.

Later this year we are going to be adding more to our collection, so I'll either add them to this post, or make a new review once we have enough to talk about again.

Do you collect Itty Bitties? Which ones are your favourites? Post your answers in the comments below!

Have a great day everyone,